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Montessori swing 3 in 1

Montessori swing 3 in 1

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Rozmery : Š 500 x dĺžka 1000 mm

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Montessori swing 3 in 1 - creativity, movement and safety in one. This swing was created with Montessori pedagogy in mind, which supports children's development through play and discovery.

With this swing, baby can swing back and forth for movement stimulation and fun.

This swing is made of safe and high-quality materials, with smooth edges and solid structures. It helps foster children's fine motor skills and creativity while enjoying fun and movement. Ideal for the home environment, it provides a safe and inspiring place for children's play.

The carrying capacity of the swing is 100 kg. It is suitable for children from 1 year. Children can swing on the swing, they can climb over it, crawl under it, they can play with it, but always under the supervision of an adult .

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