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Coffee table made of solid walnut wood

Coffee table made of solid walnut wood

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Dubový masív 4 mm, výplň drevovláknitá doska.

Podnož . drevovláknitá doska, polyutrétanová farba, čierna


Rozmery :

Dĺžka 2370 x 990 mm

Dĺžka 2000 x 990 mm

Dĺžka 1800 x 990 mm

Dĺžka 1500 x 990 mm

Dĺžka 1200 x 800 mm

Povrchová úprava

Polyuretálový lak

Unique conference table made of solid walnut wood. Filled with black resin, oil finish.

This solid wood table is an exceptional piece that will immediately attract attention. Made of quality wood, its smooth and natural surface expresses its uniqueness and beauty. It combines the perfect contrast between smoothness and texture, which gives the table elegance and character.

Each table is made with precise care, which guarantees its durability and long life. Its strong and solid frame made of solid wood allows the table to be used in various situations and its high-quality surface protected from damage.

The table has elegant and modern lines that make it the best for any interior. It is suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, offices, but also for gardens and terraces.

This table is a perfect combination of natural material, unique design and durability. Each piece is original and unique, and its natural beauty and character will make it the heart of your home.

The table base is also included in the price.

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